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Membership is open to any applicant who fulfils the Membership Criteria and is committed to pay the financial contribution.

The criteria to become a Member of the Pure Sodium Hypochlorite BPG are the following:

1. Members have to be companies or firms, other legal bodies governed by public or private law or natural persons that are citizens of an EU Member state.

2. Members have to be in possession of a letter of access to the Active Substance dossier for the purpose of biocidal product authorisation in the Community

3. Members have to be manufacturers or suppliers of the Active Substance or biocidal product containing the Active Substances that are intended or more of the Product Types 1,2,3,4 or 5.

The application for membership should be submitted to the consortium manager in writing.

Our technical consultant will evaluate the eligibility of the applicant's products for the inclusion in master authorisation before the Members of the consortium decide on the admission.

There will be two phases in which the applications for admission will be processed:

March - April 2018

July - August 2018


Applications filed after 31 of August 2018 will be rejected to ensure a timely compilation of the dossier.

Should you need more information about the process for admission please do not hesitate to contact us.